Dark Horse

First in a long Hall

I havent been on tumbler in ages, before i got off i was in a bad place where i hated myself due to where i stood in todays social dichotomy, i based my life on comparing myself to what others had and what i didn’t, i had family issues that where corrupting my life with friends and relationships. now thats over i am different from before by now i really dont give a shit what others think of me, if you dont like me tough shit your loss but to the people that are my friends i will fight for them and be by there side till the end no matter how little i know them because the sense of belonging should not be abandoned for a person due to their culture, race or wealth because at the end of the day we are all the same, except for people like me who are always there for anyone and have a open heart and will love with their all and protect the ones they love at all cost. the sense of belonging is not there for me but im sure ill find it soon.